As future healthcare professionals and healers, LHPO members strive to make a change in this world by changing the world of those we help. At first sight, this statement may seem circular, but each and every one of us lives inside a bubble - whether we are conscious of it or not. This bubble withholds all of one's life experiences. It is this bubble that equivocates to the world that someone, and more specifically, a patient lives in. 

LHPO's revolutionary volunteering program exposes students to recurring events that aid different demographics. This allows students to choose volunteering work that is personally connected to them. LHPO's volunteering strength comes not from the number of those present but from this personal connection to its events. This perspective of volunteering is far from the typical 'hours-on-a-log perspective.' It is this characteristic of LHPO's volunteering program that builds strong and motivated humanitarians.

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Austin's First Steps Project

3-4 volunteers needed during the week (Mon - Fri)

Please Contact:


Early Bird Volunteer Opportunity

Recruiting Student Volunteers to Help with Pediatric Research Study

Early Bird, a research study led by Dell Med Pediatrics and LBJ School Faculty member Dr. Michael Hole, is seeking ~5 UT Austin student volunteers that are preferably fluent in Spanish (not a requirement) to help with either:

1) in-person study participant recruitment at a local Pediatric clinic for ~3-4 hour weekly shift M-F 9-5. Transporation is needed to the clinic. In-person volunteers are Early Bird's  greatest need; or,

2) remote study participant follow-up by phone (2-hour shift each week M-F 9-7, SAT 9-12). 

Early Bird is looking for at least a 2-month commitment and preferably through the fall semester.

Early Bird is a unique milestone-based incentive program for young children and their parents. For achieving certain early childhood and other milestones, such as well-check attendance and enrolling in pre-kindergarten, the program invests money into a children's savings account that can be used by the child for college. The goal of Early Bird is to improve children and their parents' health and financial and educational success by encouraging them to take advantage of resources in the early childhood period. 

Please contact laura.rosen@austin.utexas.edu if interested!