About Us

The Latinx Health Professions Organization was originally established in 1972 at The University of Texas at Austin as the National Chicano Health Organization.

Their mission was to provide cultural fellowship for all pre-health students. Throughout the years, our name has changed to Mexican American Health Organization, Hispanic Health Professions Organization, and as of Fall 2019, we are now the Latinx Health Professions Organization.

Our 2023-2024 LHPO Officers
Our 2023-2024 LHPO Officers

Our purpose is to provide pre-health professions students with academic resources, opportunities in clinical settings and peer support. 

LHPO also promotes information concerning professional development and various health profession programs including but not limited to medical school, physician assistant school, and dental school and their respective admission processes.

Our organization strives to promote cultural camaraderie, as well as impact Latinx health through service and education in underrepresented communities.

Contact Us

For any direct or immediate questions or concerns regarding events, points, etc. email us at: texaslhpo@gmail.com

For any other updates - follow us on social media! @texasLHPO