This year, Latinx Health Professions Organization wanted to congratulate and showcase our members and their accomplishments throughout the semester. 

As Pre-Health Professional students, there are many ways to apply the information learned in university and contribute to the community. Here are all the LHPO members we have featured and their accomplishments throughout the year.


Cindy Garcia Candelas

Meet Cindy Garcia Candelas! Cindy is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. She is currently a first-year Biology major following the Pre-Med track to pursue a career in Pediatrics!


Q: What do you enjoy most about LHPO?
A: "I have really enjoyed participating in both our volleyball and soccer intramural sports teams as well as volunteering for Casa Marianella."

Q: How has LHPO impacted you?

A: "I am grateful for the friendships that I have made through this organization as well as the countless opportunities LHPO has to offer."

Thank you Cindy!

Felipe Valdez

For this week's Member spotlight, meet Felipe Valdez!
Felipe is originally from Reynosa, Tamaulipas. He is currently a second-year Human Development and Family Science major following the Pre-Med track to pursue a career in surgery!


Q: How would you describe LHPO in 3 words?
A: "Great Small Family."

Q: Cual es tu favorita memoria en LHPO?
A: "Mi memoria favorita de LHPO es haber sido el capitan de futbol y volleyball y ver la emociĆ³n de todos cuando por fin ganamos nuestros primeros partidos."

Thank you Felipe!